BGA Overview

Private Middle Market and Family-Owned companies are vitally important to the economy as well as the business and cultural landscapes of our great nation. Private Middle Market companies, in the industries serviced by BGA, are about 30,000 in number. They are worth roughly $4 trillion in enterprise value, and among their controlling owners are roughly 1 out of every 45 high net worth households. However, according to a recent survey, 94% of middle market companies are getting squeezed as they face competition of equal or greater intensity as compared to ten years ago. The survey respondents identified a greater focus on price, more knowledgeable customers, and less customer loyalty as some of today's results from increased competition in their respective industries. Additionally, rapid change, global competition, community erosion, generational transitions, and market challenges all must be recognized, addressed and resolved in order for such companies to survive, compete and prosper.

BGA is a national affiliate network of seasoned, professional services firms, which are dedicated to providing Corporate Development and Generational Transition Solutions to private middle market and family-owned companies and their principal shareholders. BGA Members collaborate to provide the Seven Critical PracticesSM which address the Strategic Perspective, Capital Alignment, Growth Support, Governance Improvement, Value Monitoring, Shareholder Liquidity, and Generational Stewardship needs of such businesses and their owners. This combined service offering enables BGA to develop and nourish long-term relationships with privately-owned middle market companies, which are an integral fabric of the global economy. BGA assists its clients to remain rooted in their communities and to be competitive, not just in the United States, but throughout the world.

BGA Affiliates pool experience, contacts, resources, and processes to create tailor-made, value-added solutions for clients. By combining the talents of leading middle market growth advisory and investment banking firms, BGA fulfills its mission to protect and enhance the vitality of such businesses, and, thereby, the contribution their stakeholders can make to their communities.

In addition to working directly with middle market companies, we are also working with local and state initiatives to develop programs and workshops to help address the many challenges facing family-owned and private middle market companies and their owners. BGA is a committed community partner with a purpose beyond profit.