J. Keith Dunbar, Ed.D

J. Keith Dunbar, Ed.D
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, PotentiousTM

Dr. J. Keith Dunbar established PotentiousTM to enhance clients' long-term profitability and growth by providing a unique, holistic view of leadership capabilities within companies. Leveraging his groundbreaking research that quantified the link between leadership and positive financial performance in mergers & acquisitions (M&As), he created a series of M&A Leadership Success ProfilesTM. By comparing clients' leadership pictures to these success profiles, he enables better informed decisions in M&As and major change events to effectively take advantage of leadership strengths and address challenges. These insights inform the delivery of targeted and tailored leadership and organizational development solutions at the necessary depth and breadth.

A recognized M&A leadership expert, Dr. Dunbar is a sought-after and award-winning thought leader, writer, and speaker. The Alliance of Merger and Acquisition Advisors named him the 2014 Middle Market Thought Leader of the Year for his research, which was also showcased in Harvard Business Review.

Dr. Dunbar earned his doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania in a joint program between the Graduate School of Education and the Wharton Business School. His dissertation focused on collective leadership capability, and whether leadership behaviors are predictors of M&A success in acquirer and target companies.

Dr. Dunbar has more than 30 years of leadership experience during his tenures with the U.S. Navy, federal government, and private sector, as well as more than 16 years as a human resources executive in various senior roles in learning and development, leadership development, and talent management.

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